Montessori Oak Learning Tower

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A key part of Montessori Learning is encouraging our children to gain independence whilst taking part in everyday tasks and our Learning Tower can support your child to do just that.

Often your little ones will want to see what you are getting up to in the kitchen and it can be unsafe for them to be climbing all over the worktops. Even those little stools can have their own fall risks. By using a kitchen helper instead though, those risks and concerns diminish because it is a sturdy, safe and functional addition to your home.


  • Made from a sturdy plywood laminate, finished in a beautiful Oak Veneer.
  • Learning tower dimensions - Height 94cm, width 46cm, depth 45.5cm, frame 2cm thick
  • Recommended learning tower age (and safety tested) from age 3 year onwards

It will enable your child to safely help with tasks around the house and give you that peace of mind, that they are safe, whilst gaining more independence.

They aren't just for the kitchen either. You can place the Montessori learning tower wherever your child needs it in the house.. or even the garden. I know our little ones love to assist us with the veg patch and in the greenhouse!!

Features of the Montessori Learning Tower

Our Learning Tower kitchen helper is suitable for your child for many years to come, as the step has three adjustable platform heights. The tool free, adjustable heights are 31CM, 41CM and 51CM. The platform falls and secures into place making it easy to adjust, especially if used by more than one child like it is in our household.

It comes with its very own chalkboard, that can be used in its original position on the side of the step, and as an added bonus, the learning tower chalkboard also detaches and has a stand, meaning it can be used wherever your little ones desire.

You will also notice that the back is slightly higher than the front. This is to ensure easier access for your little ones.

Design Quality

With an Oak Veneer finish, this is not a cheap learning tower. It has been carefully designed so to not look out of place in your home. Whether from across the room, up close or even to the touch, the quality is clearly apparent. Don't worry about the toddler learning tower getting messy either, as it is really easy to wipe down too.

Safety Standards

  • CE - Fully compliant with UK Toy Safety standards
  • EN71-1: 2014 Physical & Mechanical Test
  • EN71-2:2011+A1:2014 Flammability Test
  • EN71-3:2013 under European Directive 2009/48/EC
  • REACH Regulation o EN71-8:2011 Activity Toys for Domestic use
  • Non-toxic protective finish
  • Weight bearing load of 50kgs
  • Adult supervision is recommended

Montessori Wooden Learning Tower - FAQs

Q. What is a toddler learning tower?

A. It is a piece of premium-quality furniture, that supports your child to assist in the kitchen or wherever they need to reach safely and stand independently whilst gaining independence.

Q. What age is good for a learning tower?

A. The tower is suitable from 3 years old and can hold up to 50kg. With 3 adjustable platform heights, this tower will grow with your child perfectly.

Q. How tall is a learning tower?

A. Our Montessori learning tower is 94 cm high

Q. Is a learning tower worth it?

A. Whilst this isn't a cheap learning tower, the benefits far outweigh any cost concerns. Your child can help in the kitchen and learn new skills safely without you worrying about them falling off the worktop or stool.

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