Our Story

Our story isn’t unlike most of yours.  We started our family back in 2012 with our first, then grew ourselves into the “Family Of Five”. However, we must confess.. With our latest edition, we are now officially a Family of Six but sssh, don’t tell anyone!   

As with any growing family we were finding that the items we used for the kids either didn’t last or quite simply were too age focused, so whatever way you looked at it, pretty much became a surplus or unusable.  

We decided to take further considerations on the items we purchased for the kids, trying to make sure they were open and broad enough that we’d get the most out of them. But even with best intentions we were finding that some items purely wouldn’t last one of our bunch, let alone 2 or 3 of them  

So….. We decided to start producing our own products and now here we are today!  

We focus on producing and supplying products that we 100% will use ourselves, that they will be of multi-use, but most importantly that THEY WILL LAST.  For our wooden products in particular, we are seeing them transfer from child to child already with generations of playtime left in them. 

Confident in our products, we stand by them, both now and in the future. So what are you waiting for?