Our Story

We are Family of Five, a small business, run by families for families.

Like most growing families, we were finding items we used for our own children were either short lasting, too age-focussed or unattractive in design, so decided to start creating our own.

We ensure that family, wellbeing, creativity, education and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.

We will only ever produce and supply products that we will 100% use ourselves; products that will be versatile and spark imagination, as well as enhance skill development.

We focus on producing and supplying products that are sustainable and most importantly, long lasting.

We believe the quality of our products will be able to last a lifetime, meaning they’ll be able to be passed down generations, but if for some reason they don't, we have you covered with our Lifetime Promise.

Our overall aim is to bring YOU a Montessori inspired brand that can deliver premium quality products directly to your door.

Products that will get your little ones having fun and learning through play!

Who is behind the brand?

We have Matt and Steph who are the owners of Family of Five.

We started back in 2012, when Matt and Steph had their first little one and then grew themselves into a ’Family of Five’. However, they then soon turned into a family of six!

And we also have Colette who is Matt's sister join the team as our Creative Partner.