Why Wooden Toys

Why Choose Wooden Toys?

Dispose of plastic and fill your child's toy box with wooden toys instead. While there may be plenty of eye-catching plastic toys on the market, health concerns about buying certain types of soft plastic are extremely important. Let your child comprehend the cause and effect of situations, along with problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Why wooden toys though? Wooden toys are more environmentally friendly and can be less harmful to the surroundings.

Why Wooden Toys Also, they can assist your child in learning the initial level of knowledge. Read on to learn more about the different types of wooden toys and why they are so valuable below:

How are Wooden Toys Made?

Here are some wood types that play a major role in the development of wooden toys:

Oak - A good choice of wood for making toys. Commonly used for furniture and timber handicraft, it is a very dense and durable wood with great water resistance - ideal for not getting ruined by children's drink spillages or dribble and perfect for outdoor and indoor wooden toys like balance board for kids.

Beech - Not surprisingly, many wooden toy companies prefer beech because it is cheap, durable, finely ground, and has good resistance to bending.

Pine - Softwood that is very easy to work but twisted and easily broken again - so pine does not fit into toys that will end up in your baby's mouth. Do not use pinewood if your child has allergies to pine nuts.

Basswood - Moderately soft, lightweight, and dense - basswood is very popular for wood carving. The low sap content makes it great for painting.

Types of Wooden Toys in 2022

Educational Toys: Wooden educational toys like the Oak learning tower support important mathematical learning skills such as pattern matching and recognition. They have many benefits, including reading and writing, location recognition, counting, hand interaction, color recognition, dynamic motor skills, and much more, while having fun along the way.

wooden toys

Handmade Toys: Play is a great way for kids and toddlers to learn and have fun at a time. Handmade wooden toys boost intelligence and thinking. They also assist with learning and growth.

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Purpose of Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys For Babies:  In general wooden toys are safe for children and young people. These toys are designed to help your child grow in many ways. Just be mindful of small parts for little ones. 

Wooden Toys For Kids: Puzzle toys help develop problem-solving skills and state awareness skills in kids.

For Girls: Playsets like kitchen playsets incorporate real-life skills into play with the kitchen, grocery store, or workbench toys for girls.

For Toddlers: Encourage imaginative play in your toddlers with blocks that create random shapes to help promote your upgrowing [ toddler] creativity.

Benefits of Wood Toys

Develop social wisdom  

You can make your child a community creature right at home. With educational toys like the pikler triangle slide, children play a role, understand emotions, and develop empathy. These toys will put your child in various social situations that involve sharing, leading, caring for each other, waiting, etc. Play also enhances its emotional intelligence as it responds to emotions such as anger, laughter, or sadness.

Refined skills

Wooden toys are linked to developing sensor-motor skills in children. Toys and activities improve the fine motor skills of older children. This will enhance the personality and communication skills of children.

Improved focus

You can help your child stay focused on the job for longer by playing with them. The timely introduction of toys will help your child develop mindfulness. This simple strategy, later, will bear fruit during his formative years.

Increase IQ level

Wooden and development toys increase your child's IQ by maintaining better memory, interaction and enhancing reading and writing. Children who learn through toys and games, help to challenge their minds. For example, when a child piles up blocks but misses the mark, he sees them fall to the ground and then thinks about how to do it correctly next time. 

Creative thoughts

Wooden toys encourage imagination and growth and give your children the ability to think creatively. These toys include games that install artistic thinking in your child.

Wooden Toys - FAQ’s

Q: Why are educational toys important?

A: Educational toys are important for early child's development include senses, stimulation of imagination, and improvement of social skills.

Q: Why are wooden toys preferred most instead of plastic?

A: Wooden toys are perishable and are made of durable wood. Good quality, environmentally friendly wooden toys do not contain PVC, phthalates, or similar chemicals used in plastic toys that can cause hazardous effects.

Q: What is the worth of wooden toys in the Montessori area?

A: Montessori prefers toys made of wood and other natural materials as it allows for imaginative play and encourages exploration. They are also safer as they do not have the chemicals one can find in plastic.
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