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What is a Pikler Triangle? Its benefits and use.

In our house, our little ones love the Pikler Triangle and they always amaze us with the new ways that they keep on finding to play with it. It keeps them entertained for hours and they really benefit from having one.

We bet you are wondering what is a Pikler Triangle though?

Well the Pikler Triangle is a climbing frame that was developed by paediatrician, Emmi Pikler over a 100 years ago. She was a big believer in independent play for children. It is also very much associated with the Montessori method for learning. The Pikler is a sturdy piece of equipment that you can use either in your home or garden and you may have even see them in some nurseries too. They generally come with a ladder that doubles as a slide, so that your child can decide what they want to do and navigate at their own pace.

What ages are Pikler Triangles for?

They are designed for little ones to be their very first climbing frame, so generally anything from 6 months and up but be sure to always follow manufacturers advice and supervise your child whilst playing. 

The beauty of this wooden climbing frame is that you don't need to adjust it as your child grows because your child will learn to use it best suited to their skills at that time and progress as they get older. 

What are it's benefits and use?

They can help develop gross motor skills. It helps to teach your child to climb, balance, grasp and build confidence. 

It provides hours of entertainment by offering open-ended play. We have seen our little ones use it as a tent by covering the wooden climbing arch with a blanket. They can climb up it, slide down it and use the frame for exercise, such as pull ups. You can even incorporate a balance board into the mix as another slide or ramp. The list goes on. 

So as you can see the Pikler Triangle benefits are definitely worth investing in one. 

Where to buy a Pikler Triangle?

Right here from us of course and don't worry, they aren't hard to put together. We have included some very comprehensive instructions and even have a short video showing you how to make the Pikler Triangle. 

So finally then, is the Pikler Triangle worth it? 

Well obviously we are going to say yes but in all honesty, we truly believe that as your little ones will gain so much from having one in their life, it's a must!!

If you have any questions about the Pikler, feel free to ask us and we will do our best to help you.

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