Most Popular Toys for Girls: A Guide for Every Age

At Family of Five, we firmly believe that toys have no gender – boys and girls can and should play with whatever they want! However, it's also undeniable that there are certain toys that prove to be incredibly popular among young girls.

Whether you're searching for birthday gift inspiration or simply curious about popular toys for girls, this guide will offer insight and options to make your shopping experience easier.

From popular girl toys for 5-year-olds to favourites among 7-year-olds, let’s explore the landscape of the most popular toys of all time for girls.

What is the Most Popular Girl Toy?

Historically, dolls have stood the test of time as an enduring favourite among young girls. From classic baby dolls to the more modern fashion dolls with diverse career backgrounds and outfits, dolls have continued to evolve while maintaining their charm and appeal.

They promote empathy, imaginative play, and storytelling, proving why they are among the most popular toys of all time for girls.

Popular Girl Toys for 5-Year-Olds

At this age, girls are exploring the world with wide-eyed wonder. Playsets that mimic everyday life can be particularly appealing. Miniature kitchen sets, for example, allow girls to engage in role-play, mimicking family activities they see daily.

Creative art supplies and educational games that promote literacy and numeracy skills also top the list. Consider sets that include colourful papers, markers, and mouldable clay – they are wildly popular among young girls and encourage artistic expression.

Popular Girl Toys for 7-Year-Olds

As girls grow, so do their interests and the complexity of their play. For 7-year-olds, science kits and DIY craft projects are increasingly popular. They blend education with fun, encouraging a love of learning and exploration. Additionally, 7-year-olds often love toys that allow for more advanced role-playing and storytelling, such as detailed dollhouses or interactive animal figurines.

For those interested in technology, age-appropriate coding toys or digital art tablets are increasingly sought-after options. They help girls engage with technology in a fun and educational way, proving that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toys aren't just for boys.

Timeless Favourites

Of course, some toys have proven to be universally beloved across generations. Iconic brands like LEGO, with their diverse range of sets – from classic building blocks to themed playsets – have remained a hit among both boys and girls.

Wooden blocks are always a firm favourite too. Board games, too, are a staple, bringing families together for fun and competitive bonding time.

The Takeaway

Toys have an incredible ability to shape a child’s development, encouraging them to imagine, create, and explore their worlds. While the trends in popular girl toys will continue to evolve, the fundamental joys they bring remain constant.

At Family of Five, we champion the freedom of choice in play, understanding that a toy’s value lies in its ability to inspire a child's imagination and growth, regardless of gender. Our collection is curated with this in mind, offering options that are designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests, fostering creativity and exploration in all children.

So, whether you are in search of the most popular toys for a young girl in your life or are feeling nostalgic and looking to revisit some of the most popular toys of all time, there is something in our range for every child, at every age, to help them imagine, create, and grow.


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