Is Grimms Rainbow Montessori? What can you make with the stacker?

Is Grimms Rainbow Montessori? What can you make with the stacker?

Open-ended play has become a massive thing on social media platforms this year and I can completely see why!

A particular item that comes to mind straight away when I think of open-ended play is the Grimm’s Stacking Rainbow.

Have you heard of these? Maybe you’ve seen these? I'm sure you would have! These Rainbows are VERY popular.

Is Grimms Rainbow Montessori

You’ll most likely find these across your Instagram on pages that are based around Open-ended play, Montessori or Sensory based.

That’s because the Grimm’s Rainbow Stacker is great for multi-uses! The stacker is great for mathematics, learning to count, learning to problem solve with patterns and size ordering as well as being great for being used as bridges or tunnels for your children's toy cars or maybe your child wants to colour coordinate and group toys with the pieces of the Grimm’s Rainbow.

The possibilities are endless.

For me personally, as a child growing up the stacking toys would mainly be plastic based, a lot less environmentally friendly than today’s wooden versions. So seeing how times have changed and the improvement of these toys, it's nice to see that resources are improving for our planet as well as our children.

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